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Garmin G500H and HeliSAS Autopilot now EASA approved for European R66 installation

The New Autopilot and HeliSAS for Robinson R44 and R66 Helicopters

Heli Air is pleased to announce the EASA certification of the Garmin G500H Avionics Display System and the Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS autopilot for installation in the Robinson R66.
G500H Avionics Display System – improving situational awareness / significantly reducing risk
The G500H is a combination of Primary Flight Display and Multifunction Display (PFD/MFD) that provides flight instrument, moving map navigation and situational awareness information on dual screens.

Installed in the Robinson R66 within a new, purpose designed instrument panel that also retains all required traditional instruments, the dual 6.5″ LCD screens provide attitude, airspeed, altitude, climb rate and course/heading information along with detailed moving-map graphics showing the helicopter’s current position in relation to ground features, chart data, navaids and flight plan routings.
A Garmin GTN 750 GPS / Com navigator is required with the G500H and is installed just below the PFD/MFD on the new instrument panel within easy reach of either pilot seat.

Advantages Include:

  • Easy to read dual 6.5” flight displays
  • See clearly in dark VFR night, DVE or inadvertent IMC with HSVT™
  • Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS) support
  • Weather, traffic, and charting all in your primary field of view
  • Video input for FLIR or other camera display

HeliSAS Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System – improving safety / reducing workload

Once equipped with Garmin G500H system, the HeliSAS autopilot may also be added to European Robinson R66s.

In its primary mode, the autopilot functions as a stability augmentation system by applying corrective inputs to the cyclic in order to maintain fixed pitch and roll attitude. Only light force on the cyclic is required to override or “fly through” the system, so it can be left engaged continuously while still allowing the pilot to manoeuvre comfortably. Additional autopilot modes are heading hold, altitude hold, navigation signal tracking (VOR or GPS) and approach navigation (including vertical guidance). The autopilot does not provide any collective or pedal inputs.

Advantages include:

  • Reduced Pilot Workload
  • With autopilot and stability augmentation, pilots are freed up to concentrate on other
    flight deck tasks.
  • Safer, More Confident Command
  • Precise control during all modes of flight, regardless of wind conditions or shifts in weight.
  • Auto-Recover to Neutral Attitude
  • In the event that a pilot loses visual reference due to limited visibility, releasing the cyclic causes the helicopter to automatically recover to a near-level attitude.
  • Unmatched stability and ease of handling

While the pilot may override the R66 HeliSAS at any time with manual cyclic inputs, the attitude stabilisation and force feel features enhance handling characteristics to allow the pilot to easily transition from HeliSAS to manual flight.

Discover the advantages of this new generation of R66 equipment at a Heli Air base close to you.

HeliSAS Auotopilot for Robinson R66 Demnstration Opportunities

To introduce this new level of Robinson R66 glass cockpit sophistication to clients, Heli Air will be touring its seven nationwide bases during March and April to present this new equipment and demonstrate the G500H system fitted to an R66. Your local Heli Air base manager will be contacting you shortly to take bookings but you can also contact them direct to reserve your place.

Pricing for the newly EASA certified Robinson R66 HeliSAS Autopilot and optional avionics:

The new Garmin G500H PFD / MFD costs $35,700 as a Robinson R66 factory installation and is coupled to the Garmin GTN 750 navigator priced at $24,000. It also links to the Garmin GTX 330 ES Mode S transponder priced at $3,400

The SAS / Autopilot Genesys HeliSAS also RHC factory installed in a new R66 costs $46,000 and
couples to the Garmin G500H – (all prices + VAT)

Robinson R44 Cadet Introduced


Torrance, CA – Robinson Helicopter Company plans to debut the R44 Cadet, a twoplace R44, in the first quarter of 2016. While suitable for a wide variety of utilitarian applications, Robinson developed the Cadet with the training market in mind.

The R44 Cadet retains the same basic airframe, rotor system, and Lycoming O-540-F1B5 engine as the R44 Raven I; however, the rear seats have been removed and the aft compartment reconfigured for cargo. Maximum gross weight is 2200 lb (200 lb less than the Raven I). Engine power is derated to 210 HP takeoff/185 HP continuous (down from 225/205 HP in the Raven I). The lower weight and derated power provide increased performance margins at high altitudes. Also, with a newly designed muffler, the R44 Cadet’s flyover noise signature is more than three decibels lower than the current R44 Raven I.

A variety of optional equipment will be available including air conditioning, autopilot, and avionic packages optimized for VFR or IFR training.

FAA certification is well underway with final flight tests expected before the end of the year. The base price for the R44 Cadet will be lower than the R44 Raven I and will be announced prior to Heli-Expo 2016.

Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil helicopters. For additional information, visit or click here to view the full Robinson R44 Cadet press release.

Robinson R66 Passes FAA Snow Test


Torrance, CA – On November 13th, in Spray Lakes, Canada, Robinson’s R66 Turbine passed the
FAA’s and Transport Canada’s test to allow flight in snow conditions. The stringent test requires
extended flight in weather conditions that are difficult to find even in Canada. When alerted by
Canadian based dealer Eric Gould of Aerial Recon that the right combination of visibility,
temperature and storm duration was finally on the way, Robinson responded swiftly.

The test was conducted during a heavy snow storm with low visibility at freezing temperatures,
conditions that have been shown to produce worst-case snow accumulation at the helicopter turbine
engine intakes. The test consisted of a 100% engine ground run for 20 minutes, IGE hover for 5
minutes, and 60 minutes of cruise flight. Performance was monitored using pressure instruments
and a live video feed from a camera mounted near the engine air filter.

The test requires that snow build-up not block the engine air intake or adversely affect engine
operation. Despite the extreme weather conditions, no snow build-up occurred in the engine intake
area and no decrease in engine performance was detected.

Passing the test is significant as it allows Robinson to eliminate the existing limitation in the R66
Pilot’s Operating Handbook which prohibits flight in falling or blowing snow.

Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil
helicopters. For additional information,, or click here to download a copy of the Robinson press release.



Robinson R66 with Floats Approved by EASA

Heli Air is pleased to announce that Robinson Helicopter Company’s float option for its 5-place Robinson R66 has now received EASA certification.

Designated the Robinson R66 Turbine Marine, the R66 pop-out float option is similar to the R44 Clipper pop-out float option (in fact, the same float tubes are used) and like the Clipper, the R66 Turbine Marine offers an additional level of safety for over-water operations.

The float option adds approximately 65 pounds to the helicopter’s empty weight. When not in use, the float tubes stow in low-profile protective covers along the landing gear skids minimizing drag and allowing easy cabin entry and exit.

Primarily used in emergencies, the floats activate by a lever on the pilot’s collective and inflate within 2 to 3 seconds allowing the pilot to make an immediate water landing if necessary.

For more information contact the Heli Air sales department by e-mail on, or call us on 01789 470 476. As the largest UK dealer, Heli Air offers excellent management, maintenance, leaseback and hangarage plans for the Robinson Helicopter range.

Please also click on the following link to the R66 Turbine Marine brochure.

Robinson R66 Turbine Marine Brochure


First ATPL Ground school training course completed at Heli Air

First students successfully complete Heli Air ATPL (H) ground school training course at Wycombe Air Park – Press Release – 25 August 2015

First ATPL(H) Full time ground school course completed

Heli Air, the UK’s largest light helicopter company, has seen the first set of students graduate from its ATPL (H) / IR ground school training at Wycombe Air Park. Having sat their final examinations earlier this month, the successful students now qualify for their Air Transport Pilot’s Licence (Helicopter).

During the six-month training, course delegates had full access to engineers, purpose-built classrooms and maintenance facilities, helicopters and a full Air Traffic Control tower. One popular course highlight was visiting the radar control facility at Oxford, along with another helicopter maintenance facility.

The students will now continue their training, with some building up their hours and flight training at the Wycombe base, and others returning to their original Heli Air bases or other flight schools.

Sean Brown, CEO of Heli Air, commented:

“I would like to congratulate each and every one of these first students to undertake and pass the Heli Air ATPL (H)/IR ground school training course. It was a challenging course that required a great deal of concentration and technical prowess. We will watch their ongoing progress with great interest and are already looking forward to welcoming the next set of students to benefit from the outstanding instruction of our skilled pilots.”

Heli Air is well established in many areas of the helicopter industry, and over the last six years has grown impressively, increasing the number of operational bases, helicopter sales, high quality maintenance, with flying including charter, pleasure flying, aerial filming/photography and pipeline inspection contracts. Heli Air has also recently been honoured by the appointment of The Lord Glenarthur DL as Chairman of British European Aviation Ltd (BEA), Heli Air’s holding company, who brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In October, a second group of students will embark upon Heli Air’s ATPL (H) ground school training course. Amongst the new delegates is a student who will undertake the ATPL (A) to (H) bridging course, as well as participants from Buckinghamshire New University, who are on the BSc Air Transport Management degree with helicopter flight training to CPL (H).

Course spaces are still available, either by direct entry or via their current university. Heli Air offers a range of qualifications, including PPL (H), CPL (H), various helicopter type ratings, Instructor Rating and Multi Engine Rating. Further details can be obtained from Heli Air’s Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Ewen Goldsobel on 01494 769976 or email


Heli Air Holding Company BEA Appoints new Chairman

Heli Air holding company, British European Aviation Ltd, appoints new Chairman – Press Release – 31 July 2015

Heli Air, the UK’s largest light helicopter company, is delighted to announce the appointment of The Lord Glenarthur DL as Chairman of British European Aviation Ltd (BEA), Heli Air’s holding company. The appointment has been made as a result of the continued expansion of both the Heli Air business and that of its sister company within BEA, Booker Aviation, a fixed wing pilot training academy.

Lord Glenarthur has had a distinguished career in both industry and Government. Having learned to fly whilst serving in the Army, he spent a number of years as a helicopter captain with British Airways Helicopters flying in support of North Sea oil operations before entering Government and fulfilling a number of ministerial roles. In 1989, he became a senior executive with Hanson plc and has held non-executive and advisory positions with a number of other organisations. A retired Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, he is currently President of the British Helicopter Association.

Commenting on his new position, Lord Glenarthur said:
“I am delighted to be taking on this role. Heli Air, with its range of helicopter pilot training, chartering, maintenance, sales and brokerage services and its nationwide network of bases is continuing to grow its business, as is Booker Aviation with its portfolio of fixed wing training packages.”

CEO Sean Brown added:
“We are very fortunate that Lord Glenarthur has agreed to become our Chairman. His wealth of experience in aviation, business and Government will undoubtedly prove to be an immensely valuable asset to us.”

Incorporated in 2010, British European Aviation Limited is located at Wellesbourne Airfield in Warwick and is the holding company for Airways Aero Associations Ltd trading as Booker Aviation and Heli Air.

Heli Air launches new modular in-house ground school training courses

Heli Air launches New Modular In-House Ground School Training Courses

Heli Air, the UK largest light helicopter company, is delighted to announce that it is expanding its training services to include full-time ground school courses alongside its well established flying training.

Available from October this year, the new courses will be professionally delivered in a modular format at the company’s purpose-built facilities at Wycombe Air Park. The modules will include PPL(H), ATPL ground school studies, and structured hour building followed by CPL(H) with options for IR(H) or FIC(H). For candidates who already have a PPL(H) or CPL(H), Heli Air will also be offering a ground school plus CPL package and a ground school-only package.

In partnership with Buckinghamshire New University, Heli Air can also provide the opportunity to gain a BSc in Air Transport Management alongside its structured flight training.

For more details on the full time modular ground school course, please click here.

Heli Air Certifies 1st G – Registered EASA Robinson R66

Heli Air Certifies 1st G – Registered EASA Robinson R66

Heli Air is very pleased to announce that on 29th May 2014, the UK CAA approved Europe’s first EASA certified Robinson R66 Turbine. This is a world first, and was down to the extremely hard work of the experienced Heli Air team and its excellent relationship with Robinson Helicopters and the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Please click here for more details:

Heli Air Opens Scotland’s New Helicopter Centre

 Press Release – 29 May 2014

Heli Air Opens Scotland’s New Helicopter Centre

Heli Air is pleased to announce that Heli Air Scotland will officially open its new purpose built Helicopter Centre with a launch party reception on June 6th 2014 at the new Eastern hangar premises at Cumbernauld Airport.

At the launch event, guests will be given a tour of the premises and the opportunity to see up to ten visiting helicopters including the UK’s first Robinson R22 with EFIS – glass panel avionics, as well as the new G registered EASA certified R66 turbine.

Please click on the following link for the full press release:

Scotland’s New Helicopter Centre