Helicopter Lessons

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Learning to fly a helicopter is a magical experience, and Heli Air can make your dream of flying come true. Heli Air offers helicopter lessons and helicopter training experiences from its exclusive training locations around the UK. Our flying schools in 3 unique locations offer helicopter flying lessons in Warwickshire, London High Wycombe,and Gloucester.

Heli Air can provide students with all the helicopter training requirements you may have. We offer a complete career path from training for your PPL(H) Licence (Private Pilot’s Licence) to training to gain your CPL(H) licence (Commercial Helicopter Pilot’s Licence). Heli Air has fully qualified full time staff instructors at all of its bases, so that you can enjoy your lessons and experiences 7 days a week. Please choose from one of the following options and book your introductory helicopter flying lesson to get you started on your way to becoming a helicopter pilot:

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