Helicopter Degree Training

Become a commercial helicopter pilot at the same time as studying for your aviation degree. With the BNU course, you have the chance to complete your training with both an aviation honours degree and your frozen ATPL(H). Discover more information below, or get in touch with us using our contact details and book a discussion with one of our experienced instructors. Heli Air has developed an aviation degree course in partnership with Bucks New University.

This unique course is perfect if you have ambitions to become a commercial helicopter pilot and covers a variety of practical and theory based modules including operational procedures and air law. If you want to become a commercial helicopter pilot, this course will equip you with the critical skills needed for a successful career in the air transport industry. We are looking for students who can demonstrate an enthusiasm for flying and a strong interest in the aviation industry.

Best of Both Worlds

You’ll obtain a recognised UK Honours degree and qualify for a ‘frozen’ Airline Transport Pilot Licence. This is the highest commercial pilot category there is. Once you have accumulated the required professional experiences, the frozen prefix will be dropped.

During this course you will develop skills in leadership, adaptability and self-reliance. You’ll have studied operational and sustainable management, strategic concepts and theories. The course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of this complex profession.

London Helicopter Training PPL(H) Course, CPL(H) Commercial Training and Lessons

What Does the Helicopter Degree Include?

Heli Air provides the helicopter training for this degree programme, on behalf of Bucks New University. During this course you’ll study key modules in instruments, radio navigation, meteorology and operational procedures. You’ll also cover broader areas of air transportation such as aviation finance and economics, airport operations and airline management. When you finish this course you’ll have a deep knowledge of the various areas of this dynamic industry and be qualified for a range of airline positions.
Having finished this programme of study and all the associated air-training modules, you’ll be the proud owner of a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence and a frozen ATPL(H).

  • PPL(H)
  • CPL(H)
  • Experience Building
  • Optional FI(H)
  • ATPL(H) Exam
  • Twin Engine
How Do I Apply?

If you would like to learn more about this degree course, please feel free to either contact us using the enquiry form, or click here for full details of the whole course offered by Bucks New University.

Employment With Heli Air

As the largest light helicopter operator in the UK, Heli Air is in the unique position of being able to provide employment to the best and most able student, subject to availability. We are a commercial operator ourselves and run some of the largest onshore helicopter contracts avaialable. Heli Air Ltd operates one of the most modern and reliable fleets of training aircraft in the world. The fleet includes the world’s first Glass Cockpit Robinson R22, which features some systems similar to those found in modern large commercial helicopter flight decks, including EPIS, AHRS and GNSS instruments.

  • Work Experience
  • Professional School
  • Commercial Operator
  • Employment
  • Oil & Gas Operator
  • Value for Money

Convenient Locations

Heli Air’s services are available from various convenient locations, including near London from our own airfield, Wycombe Air Park. Get in touch to find out more.

You can also reach our head office on +44 (0) 1789 470476