Private Helicopter Pilot's Licence

The first step in learning to become a helicopter pilot is to gain your private pilot’s licence or PPL (H) rating. The training for your PPL(H) is an exciting process and although challenging, is fun and unique. Once you have managed to obtain your private pilots licence this opens the door to many different options for you.

Experience Matters

With varied and advanced experience in professional helicopter instruction, commercial transport & passenger operations, aerial surveillance, offshore oil and gas helicopter transport and more, our instructors offer you a unique learning experience.

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Time Flies.

With your PPL(H), you can save time and fly yourself, friends and family to countless locations across the UK and Europe. Our exciting PPL(H) course will train you to obtain this first landmark in aviation.

Private Helicopter Pilots Licence Training Course PPLH SFH

Open Up A Whole New World With Your PPL(H)

Own Your Helicopter.

Go where you want, when you want. And do it in your own helicopter. Join the elite club of helicopter owners, where you have the fun and leave the rest to us. Choose your spec to suit you.

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Hire Our Helicopters.

Becoming a helicopter pilot is a huge achievement. Private helicopter pilots who have trained with Heli Air are able to hire our helicopters at any time. We only charge for the amount of actual flying time that you do in them. and offer discounts if hours are purchased in large quantities. You could decide to take friends or family away for the weekend in the helicopter of your choice, and get there in a fraction of the time it would take by road.

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Fly With Our Support.

Convenient Locations

Heli Air’s services are available from various convenient locations, including near London from our own airfield, Wycombe Air Park. Get in touch to find out more.

You can also reach our head office on +44 (0) 1789 470476