Robinson R66 Turbine

The Robinson R66 Turbine is a five seat helicopter that incorporates many of the design features of its reputable predecessor, the Robinson R44, including a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic and an open interior cabin configuration, but with significant improvements in performance, comfort, and safety through the factory fitted engine monitoring system.

Exceed Expectations.

At last, a 5 seat turbine helicopter that does everything you want and more. The innovative lightweight engineering combined with a fuel efficient powerful engine mean that you are going places, fast and leaving nothing behind. A wide range of mission customization options offers a huge range of solutions with lower emissions than equivalent types.

Robinson R66 Helicopter in Snow in Scotland
Robinson R66 Operating Performance

The new RR300 turbine engine gives the Robinson R66 helicopter its edge. This fast helicopter combines huge amounts of power high speeds and luxurious comfort. With 5 seats, a large luggage bay capacity and excellent proven reliability, the Robinson R66 is the perfect private and commercial helicopter combination. The Robinson R66 combines a high cruise speed of 120 kts with a very low fuel consumption, meaning extra low fuel costs and low fuel emissions. Low maintenance and running costs complete perfect R66 helicopter solution.

  • Up to 125 kts Cruise
  • Low fuel usage
  • RR300 Turbine
  • HeliSAS & Autopilot
  • 350NM Max Range
  • 300lb Baggage
Robinson R66 Versatility

The R66 Turbine is equipped with an RR300, large baggage compartment, and a long range with four passengers and bags. It can be equipped to deal with aerial filming, aerial surveillance, passenger & freight transport, police operations, load lifting and more. With low cost simple maintenance plans, it ticks all the boxes.

And why not add the HeliSAS and Autopilot too.

  • Personal Travel
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Private Training
  • Aerial Photography
  • Load Lifting
  • Passenger Transport
Lease Or Part Exchange a Robinson R66

If you are interested in a long term high usage lease of a Robinson R66, please contact us by writing to, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide an indicative quotation. We also offer part exchange against various aircraft types, including your used R66.

  • Part Exchange
  • Insured
  • Long Term Contracts
  • Low Deposit
  • Heli-Care
  • Experienced Support
New Robinson R66 Pricing & Delivery

Buying a new Robinson R66 is made easy with Heli Air. Call our helicopter sales team today for further details about how to buy an R66, and for any friendly, professional advice about which helicopter may suit you best.

Please contact us using the form below for more details, or call us on +44 (0) 7831 762 500. If you are interested in used or pre-owned Robinson R66 helicopter sales, please click here or call the number above.