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Robinson R66 with Garmin Txi

Robinson Introduces Two Garmin G500H TXi Displays

Robinson Announces New Garmin G500H Txi Displays

Torrance, CA — Robinson has added Garmin’s new G500H TXi displays to its R44 and R66 options. The two TXi displays add touchscreen functionality to Garmin’s popular G500H system, and consolidate PFD/MFD information on to a single screen. The upgraded displays provide increased resolution and interface with Garmin’s GTN 6xx/7xx touchscreen GPS series.

The GDU 1060 TXi

The GDU (Garmin Display Unit) 1060 TXi is a 10.6-inch display installed in Robinson’s large G500H console with room beneath for any Garmin GTN 6xx/7xx and Genesys SAS/Autopilot.

The GDU 700L TXi

The GDU 700L TXi is a 7-inch display installed in Robinson’s new compact console with room beneath for any Garmin GTN 6xx. The new landscape-oriented display was designed specifically for Robinson and allows the pilot to switch between a full-screen PFD or full-screen moving map. The compact console configuration eliminates the need for a separate GTN GPS console in front of the pilot.

Both TXi displays support the same optional equipment interfaces (such as XM weather data and radar altimeter) as the non-touchscreen G500H display. The displays also enhance the visibility of the optional Synthetic Vision.

An R66 Turbine helicopter with a Garmin 1060 TXi installation, along with an R44 Raven II helicopter with a Garmin 700L TXi installation will be on display at Heli-Expo in Las Vegas. Both helicopters will also be equipped with a Genesys SAS/Autopilot. Additional Information will be available on the Robinson website at



Robinson Helicopters’ Cargo Hook to Debut at Heli Aexpo 2018


Torrance, CA — Robinson’s R66 cargo hook installation will be on display at this year’s Heli-Expo
February 27th through March 1st in Las Vegas, NV. The optional cargo hook carries external loads up to 1200 lb and, for external load operations, the R66’s maximum gross weight increases from 2700lb to 2900 lb.

Two installations of the hook are available: 

Basic – includes the cargo hook and right-seat controls allowing operations from the pilot seat
only. MSRP $12,800.

Advanced – includes the cargo hook, right and left-seat controls, a left-seat hydraulic switch, and
a left-seat start button. A load weight gauge and a second set of engine power gauges (torque
and gas temperature) are located in the left door sill allowing the pilot to monitor engine
operations while keeping an eye on the external load. Provisions for remote control of external
equipment (e.g., long line hook or a water dropping bucket) are also included. MSRP $28,000.
Robinson is now accepting orders for cargo hook installations on new R66 aircraft.

For additional information and pricing go to

FAA certification is pending.

Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil

Robinson R66 Cargo Hook Announcement


Robinson R66 Wire Strike Protection System Announced

Wire Strike Protection for R66 Helicopters Announced by RHC

Torrance, CA — Robinson has added wire strike protection provisions to its R66 options list.
Available only on R66 helicopters, the provisions are FAA certified and allow for easy, bolt-on
installation of Magellan’s WSPS (Wire Strike Protection System) sold separately by Magellan
Aerospace, Winnipeg, Canada.

Robinson provisions add 7 lb to the empty weight of the helicopter and include reinforcement and
attach points on the windshield bow, roof, and chin, with low-profile deflectors near the ground
handling ball and forward landing gear struts. MSRP $4,200.

Magellan’s R66 WSPS, complete with wire deflectors and cutting blades adds 16 lb. to the empty
weight of the helicopter. The system is available as a kit compatible with Robinson factory-installed
provisions for $16,000 or as a complete aftermarket kit with field-installable provisions for $22,800.
The complete wire strike prevention system will be on display at this year’s Heli-Expo February 26,
thru March 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil
helicopters. For additional information, visit

Contact Heli Air today for more information by calling 01789 470476 or sending an e-mail to

.Robinson R66 Wire Strike Protection System


British European Aviation Named Piper UK Dealer

BEA – British European Aviation appointed Exclusive UK Piper Aircraft Dealer

BEA is delighted to announce its appointment as the exclusive Piper Aircraft dealer for the
United Kingdom, Ireland and the Channel Islands as of the 1st January 2018.

Piper Announces BEA as Piper UK Dealer

Ron Gunnarson, Piper Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support at Piper Aircraft Inc, Florida, USA said “We are delighted to add BEA to our global network of Dealers.
The company’s reputation, knowledgeable personnel and five strategic locations throughout the UK provide an ideal foundation for growing sales of new Piper airplanes in this important region.”
Piper Aircraft – an exciting range with broad appeal and unrivalled performance.

Piper Aircraft Inc manufactures a unique variety of aeroplanes covering an exciting range of high quality, reliable VIP and training applications. From their series of single and twin piston engine and single engine turboprop (SETP) aircraft, Piper provides a range to suit all aspirations that spans high quality, durable trainers to luxurious, high-performance continental cruisers.

The Single Class: Archer LX, Archer DX, Arrow, Seminole, and Seneca aircraft form the most complete technically-advanced line of personal transport and pilot training aircraft in the world.

The Twin Class: Seneca and Seminole balance proven performance with efficiency and simplicity in
twin-engine aircraft.

M-Class series: M600, M500, and M350 offer businesses and individuals luxury, performance and quality in personal travel, outperforming their rivals in every class.

It is the M600, Piper’s single engine turboprop (SETP) that, as their latest technological achievement, is taking the industry by storm. This six seater luxury model is not only outstanding to look at but also in its performance, comfort, range and technology.

BEA is confident that the Piper range will prove most appealing when combined with their Aeroplane Management Package. Both private and business users can benefit greatly from their complete and unique package.

  • Maintenance and after sales support
  • Insurance
  • Hangarage
  • Pilot Training
  • Aircraft Management and Leaseback

BEA – A Flying Business

Formed in 2010 by the coming together of long established light aviation companies that flourish individually, BEA represents over three decades of experience and is providing the general aviation and VIP travel market with an all in one solution across both rotary and fixed wing platforms.
Sean Brown, BEA’s CEO, said “…we are ideally positioned to guide, support and provide a unique Aeroplane Management Package which will guide all current and future Piper customers through the selection, purchasing and operating phases of Piper Aircraft ownership”.

Wycombe Air Park Marlow SL7 3DP
+44 (0)1789 470 476

Wycombe Air Park

Wycombe Air Park – A Centre of Aviation Excellence

Since the signing of a fifty year lease for Wycombe Air Park, BEA now has the stability and control to develop as the premier business venue for General Aviation in and around the London area. It is this experience, capability and shared vision that BEA is developing with Piper Aircraft Inc in the UK.
Its location, just 25 miles from the heart of London, makes it an easy and attractive venue.

Pilots and aviation professionals appreciate the tarmac runway and taxiway, both covered and open aircraft parking, ground fuelling services and full air traffic control (ATC) that Wycombe Air Park has to offer.

The airfield is not only the home of BEA but the centre of aviation excellence in areas including pilot training, aircraft maintenance/engineering, aircraft sales and commercial aviation contracts.

BEA is looking forward to providing all present and future Piper owners and flyers with the finest service and support package in the UK alongside delivery of the finest aircraft range available in its class.

Astronauts – Do you Have What it Takes – BBC2 Sunday 9PM

Do You Have What it Takes for A Hover Challenge

Take the Hover Challenge and find out at Heli Air Gloucester on 30th September 2017.

The challenge consists of a 20 minute hands on flight experience in an Robinson R22 helicopter. During your flight you will be challenged to hover the helicopter!

Simple?… well you can find out at Heli Air Gloucester where the series contestants each faced the same test.

You can also add a bit of extra competition to your challenge by bringing a friend and letting Heli Air judge who’s the best!

Each flight lasts 20 minutes and costs £149.00 with a discount rate for your friend of £130.00


Robinson R44 Cadet Receives EASA Certification

Robinson R44 Cadet

We are pleased to announce that EASA has officially approved the certification of the Robinson R44 Cadet. Robinson R44 Cadet orders from Europe can now be delivered to Europe with Export Certificates of Airworthiness.

If you would like more information about the Robinson R44 Cadet, or would like to place an order to buy one, please contact Heli Air sales today by calling 0044 (0) 1789 470476 or sending an email to


Robinson Helicopter Company Delivers 12,000th Helicopter

On December 23, 2016 R66 S/N 0763 became the 12,000th helicopter to roll off Robinson Helicopter’s production line. “A nice way to end the year,” said Robinson President, Kurt Robinson.
S/N 0763 will be delivered to Hover Dynamics, one of three long-time Robinson dealers in South Africa. The helicopter was purchased by a new charter and tour operator, Fly Karoo Air Services, operating in the area of Graaff-Reinet. According to Dean Feldman of Hover Dynamics, Fly Karoo chose the R66 because of its powerful turbine engine, quieter cabin, spacious baggage compartment, and low operating costs.

Robinson’s first two-place R22 was produced and delivered in 1979, the first four-place R44 in 1993 and the first five-place R66 in 2010. Robinson also offers a multitude of variants including the recently introduced R44 Cadet, a two-place helicopter specially configured for training.

Heli Air offers full management packages for Robinson Helicopters, including sales and trade ins, maintenance and overhaul, leaseback income, hangarage, training, pilot services and can help you achieve preferential insurance rates. Contact us today for more information or to visit one of our locations.

R66 Turbine Marine Receives EASA Approval

Robinson R66 Turbine Marine Receives EASA Approval

Torrance, CA— On December 20, 2016 EASA issued final approval for the R66 Turbine Marine pop-out float installation. After tests conducted in July demonstrated the pop-out float installation meets Sea State 4 requirements, EASA officially approved the Marine to be used in emergency situations and for commercial operations. Sea State refers to the height, period, and character of waves on the surface of a large body of water. The tests were conducted in Spain at a facility capable of simulating the required conditions.
Heli Air currently operates the first UK Robinson R66 Marine, and can provide sales, trade – ins, management, maintenance, training, leaseback, and hangarage to suit your helicopter requirements.

Robinson R44 Raven II and Cadet with Garmin G500H

Robinson R44 Raven II and Cadet now Available with Garmin G500H


Torrance, CA — Robinson Helicopter Company announces the Garmin G500H Avionics Display System is now an option on new R44 Raven II and Cadet helicopters.
Previously available only on the R66 Turbine helicopter, the G500H system is a combination Primary Flight Display and Multifunction Display (PFD/MFD) which provides flight instrumentation, moving map navigation, and situational awareness on dual screens. Garmin’s Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology is an option for the PFD, and either Garmin FliteCharts or Jeppesen Chartview instrument charts are options for the MFD. The G500H system screens are centered in a newly designed instrument panel that also includes traditional instruments. A Garmin GTN 650 or 750 navigator is required with the G500H and sits just below the displays within easy reach of either pilot seat.
The list price for the G500H system is $35,700, not including the required GTN navigator. Call Heli Air for a price on a new Robinson R44 with the G500H system fitted.

Robinson R44 Cadet Approved by FAA

Robinson R44 Cadet Helicopter receives FAA Approval

Torrance, CA— On 6 May 2016, Robinson Helicopter Company received FAA certification
for its two-place R44 Cadet helicopter. Combining the best of the R22 and R44, Robinson
believes the Cadet’s modest price of $339,000 (with floats $367,000) will appeal to the
training market as well as operators that want the economy of a small helicopter with the
comfort, power, and performance of a larger helicopter.
The Cadet’s airframe, rotor system, and power plant (Lycoming O-540-F1B5) are the same
as the proven R44 Raven I. Where the Cadet differs is the rear seats have been removed
providing ample cargo space, the maximum gross weight has been reduced to 2200 lb, and
the engine power has been derated to 210 hp takeoff and 185 hp continuous. The lower
weight and derated power provide increased performance margins at high altitudes and
extend the time between overhaul from 2200 hours to 2400 hours.
A variety of optional equipment including air conditioning, stability augmentation system and
autopilot, and avionic packages for VFR or IFR training are available. Robinson is now
accepting orders with lead times estimated at 10-12 weeks.

Robinson R44 Cadet Weights:

Gross Weight – 2200 lb (998 kg)
Empty Weight (including oil & avionics) – 1432 lb (650 kg)
Max Fuel (46.5 gal) – 279 lb (126 kg)
Pilot, Passenger and Baggage with full fuel – 489 lb (222 kg)

Robinson R44 Cadet Performance:

Cruise Speed – up to 110 kts (127 mph)
Max Range (no reserve) – approximate 300 nm (350 sm)
Hover Ceiling IGE @ Max Weight – 8750 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE @ Max Weight – 5250 ft
Rate of Climb – over 1,000 fpm
Max Operating Altitude – 14,000 ft