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Helicopter Charter, Fun, Hire and Operations

Whether you are taking a pleasure flight, chartering a helicopter, or self- fly hiring a helicopter, Heli Air offers a fleet of highly maintained, modern helicopters, and your helicopter safety is uniquely cared for.

Heli Air is the only company whose operations, systems and training not only comply with EASA and CAA requirements but have additionally been independently assessed by the internationally recognised, International Business Aviation Council, resulting in the award of the IS-BAO (Helicopters) safety standard.

With 5 fixed bases across the UK and a fleet of over 50 helicopters, Heli Air's helicopter charter and utility operations team are here to support you whatever your requirement so please call us on

+44 (0) 1264 773 373 to see how we can help you.

Heli Air also has a partner company offering an unrivalled range of RC Helicopters and RC Quadcopters, with the UK's only purpose built rc helicopter modelling centre.

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Helicopter Sales


At Heli Air there is always a large stock of new and pre-owned helicopters. The Heli Air Sales team will always be able to find one of the following Robinson helicopters to suit your needs including:

  • Robinson R22 Beta II
  • Robinson R44 Raven I
  • Robinson R44 Raven II
  • Robinson R44 Clipper I
  • Robinson R44 Clipper II
  • Robinson R66 Turbine

  • Please direct enquiries for new and pre owned helicopters to

    Your Robinson R66 can now be fitted with the new HeliSAS Autopilot and stability augmentation system in conjunction with the newly certified Garmin G500 Avionics Display System. Call us today to find out about fitting this to your Robinson Helicopter or click for more details.

    Reserve your new helicopter now by contacting Brian Kane on

    +44 (0) 1789 470 476 and Heli Air will find you the exact helicopter you are looking for.

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    Helicopter Maintenance

    Care of you and your machine is Heli Air's priority and the highest standards of quality assured helicopter maintenance are crucial to keep you flying.

    As one of the UK's largest helicopter operators Heli Air can ensure your aircraft is flight ready at short notice under EASA Part M & Part 145 at our 3 helicopter maintenance facilities.

    Providing 24 hour support and a fleet of engineering support vehicles, Heli Air's fully licensed helicopter engineers can maintain in house:

  • Robinson Helicopters - R22, R44, R66
  • Bell Helicopters – B47 series, B206 series, B206L and B407
  • Eurocopter Helicopters - EC120, EC130, EC135, AS355 series
  • Hughes / MD Helicopters – 300 series, 500 series
  • Agusta Westland – Agusta 109 series

  • The volume and buying power of Heli Air's parts division allows us to offer the most competitive quality in the UK. Maintain the quality of your Helicopter maintenance and you safeguard the long term integrity of your Helicopter.

    Heli Air is also a Part 147 and Part 66
    approved RR300 engineer training centre, acting as Rolls Royce's European engineer training centre for the RR300 Turbine Engine. We also provide Part 147 Robinson R66 Airframe Engineering Courses.

    Please talk to our experienced maintenance team who will explain how the our dedicated full time helicopter engineers can ensure cost effectiveness and quality through continuity, experience and long term training. Call Heli Air’s experienced helicopter maintenance team on +44 (0) 1494 451 111 or +44 (0) 1789 470 476 to find out how we can help you.
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    Helicopter Lessons and Pilot Training


    Learning to fly a helicopter is a magical experience, and Heli Air can make your dream of flying helicopters come true with our helicopter lessons and course packages. Not only do we offer EASA approved Robinson R66 training, but also helicopter training on the R22, R44, B47, B206, EC120, EC130 and AS350. Heli Air has helicopter flying schools in 6 UK wide locations offering helicopter flying lessons:

  • Cumbernauld Airport - Glasgow & Edinburgh
  • Gloucester Airport - Cheltenham & Gloucester
  • London - Buckinghamshire- London & Middlesex
  • London - High Wycombe - High Wycombe & Buckinghamshire
  • Thruxton Circuit - Hampshire
  • Wellesbourne - Warwickshire

  • Heli Air can offer a complete career path from training for your PPL(H) Licence (Private Pilot's Licence) training to gain your CPL(H) licence (Commercial Helicopter Pilot's Licence), We offer advanced courses such as Flight Instructor Courses, Mountain Helicopter Flying Courses, Formation Flying courses and Examiner courses. Heli Air now offers full time ATPL(H) modular ground school courses.
    Call Heli Air today on +44 (0) 1789 470 476 to book your helicopter lessons and flying experience.

    Latest Offers

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    Robinson Helicopters - Heli Air

    Robinson Helicopters – Heli Air