RC Quadcopters at LHC

Fly RC Quadcopters, RC aeroplanes or RC helicopters, sail a model boat, drive a model car! All at LHC’s bespoke, purpose built modelling centre! Click on one of the pictures for more information!


RC Quadcopters at Leamington Hobby Centre

Leamington Hobby Centre is the UK’s only bespoke, purpose built modelling centre, uniquely offering a full modeller friendly site including:

  • Full outdoor runway for RC helicopters
  • Full outdoor runway for RC Quadcopters
  • Full outdoor runway for RC aeroplanes
  • Large bespoke lake for RC model boats and ships
  • Off-road 4 x 4 track for model trucks
  • Grass racing track for RC cars

There is also a large on-site model shop offering a wide variety of models and spare parts for:

  • RC Helicopters
  • RC Aeroplanes
  • RC Quadcopters
  • UAVs & Drones
  • RC Boats and Ships
  • Games Workshop Models
  • Various types of fuel and modelling accessories
  • Scale model helicopter kits

Please call Leamington Hobby Centre or click on one of the following pictures for the UK’s only purpose built modelling centre.

RC Helicopters and Quadcopters RC Helicopters and Quadcopters