R22 Introductory Day


Spend an amazing full day training in the 2 seat Robinson R22 helicopter with our dedicated experienced professional helicopter instructors, including 2.5 hours of instructional flying time, one – on one. The perfect first step towards your helicopter license.

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This exclusive helicopter experience day includes 2.5 hours of 1 on1  instructional flying time and is one of the best ways to experience what it will be like to train for your helicopter pilot’s licence. You will be given the opportunity to train in various different aspects of helicopter flight, spend the entire day 1 on 1 with a dedicated helicopter flying instructor, and meet the team at the base. The 2 seat Robinson R22 helicopter is the most versatile and widely use training helicopter in the world.

R22 Helicopter Lesson Experience Day Overview

This package includes 2.5 hours of flying time, one – on – one with our professional helicopter instructors including in addition, detailed introductory briefings prior to each lesson on flying and becoming a qualified pilot as well as the helicopter flying lesson ahead. This is a highly popular choice for anyone seriously considering obtaining their Private Pilots Licence or any other helicopter pilot’s licence. You will be able to log all of the helicopter training time towards your licence and also receive a commemorative certificate to prove your achievement!

Once you arrive at the Heliport, your day will consist of 2.5 full flying hours of helicopter training, covering various different aspects of helicopter flight. The flying lessons will be spread evenly across the day with dedicated individual briefings prior to each one. Once the briefings have finished you will be taken to the helicopter where the instructor will take you on your fantastic helicopter flying lessons.

Once the lesson has been completed you will be debriefed by the instructor and begin to plan for the next lesson of the day. By the end of our introductory helicopter training day, you will have experienced a full extended helicopter training session, and on your way towards gaining your helicopter pilot’s licence.

The Helicopter Lesson Experience Day in the Robinson R22

  • Full day of helicopter training including 2.5 hours of instructional flying time in the 2 seat Robinson R22 helicopter, one – on – one with our instructors
  • Ground based instruction in addition to each flying lesson throughout the day
  • The whole experience lasts a full day including greeting, pre flight instruction and briefing
  • Can be used at any of the Heli Air bases UK wide
  • One spectator welcome per customer
  • Price is for one person
  • Optional upgrades available to larger helicopters or longer lessons
  • Time can be logged in your flying logbook as the first step towards your private helicopter pilot license
  • Voucher will be emailed to you after purchase for quick delivery

Helicopter Lesson Experience Day Voucher Also Includes:

  • Free Parking
  • 7 days per week booking facility
  • 24 months validity
  • Can be rebooked at no extra charge if poor weather leads to the lesson being cancelled

Further R22 Experience Day Information

  • Students must be over the age of 14
  • Valid at all Heli Air bases, please see contact page for the most convenient location to you.
  • 15 stone weight limit per person
  • Flight will depend on visibility and weather conditions
  • Heli Air will do all it can to help disabled customers, please contact us prior to booking to see how we can help.
  • The captain reserves the right to refuse to fly anyone considered not to be in the appropriate condition to fly.

Where Can I Take My R22 Introductory Helicopter Experience Day?

An introductory helicopter lesson experience day can be arranged at a time and Flight School convenient to you. We offer these starter helicopter lessons in London – High Wycombe (Buckinghamshire), Wellesbourne Airfield (Warwickshire), Gloucester Airport, Manchester City Airport (Barton). All of our bases are fully CAA certified training schools providing you with the perfect environment in which to learn to fly a helicopter.

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